Hire option added for Battery Transport & Storage Containers

Used Battery Containers ready for shipment to Battery Recycler

Hire Option for Battery Transport & Storage Containers

UNISEG Products is now offering its Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Container for hire to the lead acid battery recycling industry. The Containers can be hired on a 3 year term for $36.50 per month or $46.50 per month with an IoT device and UNISEG’s Unitrak software license.

The BTS Container was specifically designed for the safe & environmentally sustainable storage and transportation of used lead acid batteries for recycling. It also automatically ensures most of the requirements for regulation compliant storage and transportation are being met and is a more convenient and efficient solution than packaging batteries on wood pallets.

UNISEG believes the option to hire the BTS containers will appeal to companies wanting to provide a safer, regulation compliant battery collection service to its customers, similar to what is offered by its sister company, Battery Rescue, in Western Australia. Battery Rescue provides the BTS Containers to their customers free of charge, in return for exclusive collection rights to the batteries stored in the container. Many companies want to ensure they are storing and transporting their used batteries regulation compliantly and in return are willing to accept a reduced payment for their batteries, for this service.

IoT Device

The BTS Container can be fitted with a 4G enabled IoT device to enable the GPS tracking of the containers using UNISEG’s Unitrac, browser-based software platform. Unitrak enables a company to establish the location of each of its containers, every 24 hours (if 4G coverage is available) and email alerts can be sent immediately whenever a container enters or exits a customer specified geo-fence region or the container’s location is changed.


To enquire regarding our BTS Container hire option, please contact David Bush at davidbush@unisegproducts.com.au or on 0414 646 321.

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