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Tracking & IoT Solutions

Previously tracking of assets, such as the UNISEG Container, was prohibitive due to the cost of the electronic tracking devices, network connection and short battery lives necessitating regular field servicing.   Significant reductions in device and network costs coupled with dramatic improvements in devices’ battery life and functionality are now delivering affordable solutions to the transport & logistics industry.

The addition of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to these devices has expanded the functionality beyond just tracking assets and delivers additional applications and benefits for the transport industry.

While IoT has many broad applications and benefits for the Transport Industry, one significant application is with regards to the transport containers themselves and the goods being transported. Some of the current problems experienced by the logistics industry, include;

  • Loss of pallets / containers
  • Damage to goods and containers
  • Theft of goods during warehousing & transport
  • Spoiling of temperature sensitive goods such as food
  • Shipment and record keeping errors
  • Inefficient use of pallets & containers

IoT Technology will enable the logistics industry to;

  • Tracking of collapsible pallet boxes  & intermediate bulk containers, to prevent loss, shipment errors and to improve management of a company’s container fleet.
  • Shock alerts to identify when and where the container or goods might have been damaged.
  • Access alerts to identify unexpected or non-authorised access to the container and its goods.
  • Movement alerts to identify unauthorised or incorrect shipment of a container and its goods.
  • Temperature & humidity alerts to identify if when & where certain preset thresholds have been exceeded.

 IoT Ecosystem

IoT Ecosystem

IoT Devices & Network Connectivity

Cellular Oyster

Example IoT device – Cellular Oyster

The range of battery powered IoT devices coming on to the market is rapidly increasing, with different features, functionality, sensors and network connectivity being offered to suit the specific needs of different applications.

IoT Devices can be supplied with different network options, including;

  • Cellular (3G & 2G)
  • 4G CAT-M1 & NB-IOT
  • Sigfox/Thinxtra LPWAN (Low powered Wide Area Network)
  • LoraWAN

The IoT Device and network that will suit you best will depend upon your application and requirements. Uniseg Products can provide the right advice and supply the IoT device which best suits your needs.

Software Platform – Uni-Trac tmMap based asset tracking - Uni-Trac

Uploading the data from your IoT devices, in the cloud, will not be very useful unless you have some sort of software interface that enables you to intelligently view and interrogate the data. For large implementations with specific requirements, some companies will want to develop their own software platform or integrate with their existing applications.

For many companies, however this is an expensive and unnecessary requirement. Our Uni-Trac software platform provides an intuitive, easy to use, browser based software solution that delivers the information from your IoT devices in visual and meaningful graphic map displays. Uni-Trac includes most features that customers usually require such as; customisable alerts & reports, timeline & history and geofencing.

Pricing for UNISEG’s IoT Solution

IoT Devices can range from between $75 to $200 per device depending upon the quantity and type of device required.

If you want access to our Uni-Trac Platform, we will bundle the costs with the network connectivity for your devices. Costs can range from $10/month/device upto $30/month/device depending upon the type of network used (i.e. Cellular, 4G is more expensive that LPWAN) and the number of readings per day.

Specific pricing will be provided upon determining which solution best suits your requirements.

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