Heavy Duty Collapsible IBC Container / Bulk Container

The UNISEG Container is a heavy duty plastic, collapsible bulk container or collapsible intermediate bulk container (IBC)and is ideally suited for the manual loading, storage & transportation of heavy goods. The container was originally designed as a used lead acid battery container for the safe & environmentally sustainable, storage and transportation of used car batteries and other automotive lead batteries. It is also certified as an Australian dangerous goods segregation device (type II).

Its design includes a unique Front-Load & Top-Load feature that provides flexible ergonomic manual loading options (view animation of the Container’s different configurations). When closed the Container can be secured via 6-8 lockable, self closing over-center latches (Snap-Flat Latch), which make the UNISEG Container very strong and robust for the rigours of transport. Unlike other collapsible IBC Containers, there are no loose parts (lids) when the Container is either collapsed.

The external dimensions are 1150mm wide, 1050mm deep and 1260mm high and internal 1003mm wide, 864mm deep and 1008mm high. The empty weight is 95 Kgs and the internal volume, 850 Litres.

UNISEG Container - new storage and transportation container

UNISEG Container – Ready for delivery

 UNISEG Container is constructed from chemical and acid proof, low-density polyethylene and incorporates a liquid retaining bund area to capture up to 25 litres of free fluids. When closed it is weather-resistant making it suitable for many outdoor storage applications.

The UNISEG can be collapsed and stacked 4 high when empty for cost efficient storage and transportation.

Each Container includes a unique, bar coded, serial number and an enclosure for installing IoT or RFID devices. Optional extras include different colour combinations, inter-changeable signage and a customised wood pallet for palletised loads.

The global trends for improved OH&S and environmental outcomes, coupled with the need to protect goods from damage or theft during storage and transportation support the UNISEG Container innovation.

The UNISEG Container is provisionally patented in 33 Countries.

Download UNISEG Container Brochure

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