New Self Closing Over-Center Latch Invented

Self closing Over-Center Latch

UNISEG Products has designed and developed a self closing over-center latch, to replace the existing latches for the UNISEG Heavy Duty Collapsible IBC Container / Bulk Container. The new self closing latch features two springs that are incorporated into the pivot points of both the latch and the Handle of the device. These springs enable the latch and handle to automatically close and remain closed when not in operation. The springs operate independently of each other however, also in tandem to always return the latch and the handle to the closed position when the latch is decoupled from the hook.

Self closing Over-Center Latch

Drawing depicting design of UNISEG Product’s self closing over-center latch


The following video demonstrates how the self closing over-center latch operates;

The Self Closing latch provided 2 major benefits when compared with other over-center latches;

  • Improved Safety – because the latch and handle can longer swing out and protrude past the body of the latch the chance of inadvertent contact with the operator are significantly reduced, if not eliminated.
  • Improved Durability – likewise the latch is NOT exposed to physical damage (from Forklifts etc) if it doesn’t protrude out past the body of the latch and therefore can NOT be damaged.

The device is simple and easy to use and is an elegant solution to two perennial problems associated with all styles of Over-Center Latches that are used in wide range of applications from the transportation industry to the caravan and camping industries.
UNISEG Products has incorporated the self closing over-center latch as part of a 2nd patent filing it made last month for the UNISEG Pallet.

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