Launch of Used Lithium Battery Box

Uniseg Products are excited to launch their Used Lithium Ion Battery (UliB) box for the safe storage and transport of used Lithium batteries and other non-lead acid batteries.

With the recent explosion (literally) in battery fires, most attributed to Lithium Batteries entering the waste stream, the release of the UliB Box is timely.  The box was designed as a practical and affordable alternative to some of the expensive options currently available on the market.

The design includes optional features such as the fork feet, IoT devices for tracking and temperature monitoring and CellblockEX fire suppressant granules. The CellblockEX glass granules, engineered from recycled glass, will actively extinguish a lithium battery fire, so that lithium batteries destined for recycling can be stored and transported safely.

Uniseg Products' ULiB Box with fire suppressant, CellBlockEX
ULiB Box with fire suppressing CellBlockEX granules

The UliB Box has been UN Certified for the transport of used lithium batteries up to a net weight of 60kg of batteries as per the requirements of the “Australian Code for Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road & Rail (ADGC)”. In accordance with the ADGC’s P909 Packing Instructions and other general DG provisions, you can transport your Lithium batteries for recycling with confidence that you are complying with Australian Dangerous Goods regulations.

For further details including pricing please our Used Lithium Battery Box product page

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