Patent Filed for Wastewater Evaporator

Uniseg Products Pty Ltd are pleased to announce that they have successfully completed the concept design and lodged the patent application documentation for a novel electric powered, low volume wastewater evaporator device suited to many light industrial applications. 

Wastewater Evaporator Overview & Benefits

The device was specifically designed for Uniseg’s sister company, Battery Rescue, where the washing of its Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Containers produces relatively low volumes of wastewater containing battery acid and entrained heavy metals, such as lead. The Wastewater Evaporator is self-contained, capable of evaporating relatively low volumes of industrial wastewater with a higher-than-normal evaporation rate efficiency while producing zero toxic emissions to the atmosphere.

The device also includes odour control, automatic ‘start-stop’ operating capability and automatic periodic heating element cleaning.

The proposed device has several technical advantages over the incumbent technology of similar products that can be seen at

In particular, its potential for significant reduction in production costs, through total reduced weight and materials used and also, in regard to operating costs, with massively reduced radiated heat and maximized evaporation rate efficiency.


Liquid evaporation is a widely used industrial practice to either dispose of or significantly reduce the volume of a body of water. Many different brands of products are mostly sold in the USA.

The purpose of this new device is to offer a lower capital cost and more convenient option to significantly reduce the volume and hence the cost of off-site removal of a wastewater stream.

Current Industry Practice (Problem)

The current industry practice is to either filter, chemically process on site or transport untreated wastewater from site.

Proposed New Industry Practice (Solution)

The solution proposed is to install a relatively energy efficient (can be powered by solar), low cost, environmentally safe, low volume water evaporator on site, in relatively close vicinity of the generated wastewater, so that approximately 95-98% of the total volume of the waste water produced can be automatically evaporated to the atmosphere. 

The approximately 5-2% mostly solids balance of the waste stream is periodically removed from site in much the same way that motor vehicle wash down pits are with a sludge removal truck. Note: waste sludge from the used battery sector will be a hazardous waste and must be disposed of accordingly.

This product may have wide application as a more cost-effective solution for the global Container Hire Industry where hazardous and or dangerous goods are transported, requiring containers to be washed before being redeployed.

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