Interchangeable Signage Feature Added to UNISEG Pallet

UNISEG Pallet have developed an interchangeable signage feature for the UNISEG Pallet for applications where the customer anticipates needing different signage requirements based on the type of goods being transported. This is often required if the UNISEG Pallet is used as a DG Segregation Device to transport dangerous goods or to store and transport different types of hazardous waste.

The interchangeable signage feature is a U shaped channel made from galvanized steel and can be optionally fitted to the pallet. The picture below shows the signage channels installed on the UNISEG for swapping out dangerous goods diamonds.
























The channel pictured has a 3mm channel, which enables the storage of up to four 0.5mm steel signs. With double sided signs a total of 8 different DG diamonds can be accommodated.

The same feature can also be used for the other recessed signage areas on the pallet. Currently the UNISEG Pallet comes with 4 recessed areas for fixing signage. The 4 areas are;

  • Front Panel – 780 x 400mm Rectangle
  • Rear Panel – 400 x 300mm Rectangle
  • Left & Right Hand Side Panels – 250 x 250mm Diamonds

We believe this new feature provides our customers with a convenient signage solution when different classes of dangerous goods and hazardous waste are going to be transported in the UNISEG Pallet. See for further details regarding the signage and branding options for the UNISEG Pallet.

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