UNISEG Pallet for Used Lead Acid Battery Collections at First Government Waste Depot

UNISEG Pallet Installed At First Government Waste Depot

UNISEG Products has installed a UNISEG Container at the City Of Canning, Waste Depot for the collection of Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULABs). This is the first Australian Government municipal site to install the pallet.

UNISEG Pallet Installed At First Government Waste Depot

Burnie Burnett, City Of Canning Waste Services Manager (left) and Fenton Goddard, inventor of the UNISEG Pallet

The UNISEG Pallet has been positioned at the front gate of the facility for high visibility and in view of the depot’s security cameras. The location will help promote a convenient “drop and go” service to the public which should result in an increase in ULAB recycling rates and a reduction in batteries being dumped in the household bins.

The UNISEG Pallet’s bunded base, which can retain up to 25l of liquid, solves the problem where acid leakage is destroying cement and exposing staff to burns and other health risks.

The UNISEG Pallet and associated battery collection service will deliver the following benefits to the City Of Canning Waste Depot;

  • Increase recycling rates of used lead acid batteries.
  • Reduce damage to Rubbish Collection Vehicles due to batteries being collected in household bins.
  • Eliminate the contingent liability for the Waste Service Managers.
  • Eliminate employees having to manually handle heavy batteries and their exposure to poisonous lead and battery acids.

Fenton would like to acknowledge Bernie’s contribution to the development of the UNISEG Pallet, saying “that he has been a valuable source of knowledge and an even better sounding board during the development of the pallet and collection service concept for the past 2 years”.

UNISEG Products believe its pallet will become the standard for storing and transporting used lead acid batteries by the battery recycling industry due to the many cost, safety and environmental benefits to the entire supply chain.

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