The Very First UNISEG Pallet!

Enclosed UNISEG Pallet - Ready For Transport

UNISEG Products are excited to announce the manufacture of their first ever UNISEG Pallet. Manufactured by Pelican Trimcast, using the rota moulding process, the pallet is the culmination of more than 3 years research and development, by UNISEG Products founder, Fenton Goddard.

Pelican, a global leader in the design and manufacturer of high performance cases are similarly excited about the potential diverse applicationsĀ for the UNISEG PalletĀ as a safer, more secure way to store and transport goods.

Enclosed UNISEG Pallet - Ready For Transport

Enclosed UNISEG Pallet

UNISEG Pallet - Erected For Front Loading

Erected UNISEG Pallet

Compacted UNISEG Pallet for efficient reverse logistics

Compacted UNISEG Pallet

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