The story of UNISEG Products started in 2010, when inventor and entrepreneur, Fenton Goddard, was helping a friend in his recycling business, where he noticed that the transportation and storage of used lead acid batteries, didn’t appear to be either safe or very efficient. Fenton thought there must be a better way, however his research for an existing product that might help, came up blank.
Being a compulsive inventor he set about developing a product for this purpose. This culminated in the UNISEG Container, however during the development process, he kept receiving interest in the Container’s potential for a wide variety of other applications. Hence the Container has morphed from a device suitable for the safe transportation and storage of used lead acid batteries to a general storage / transportation device for a range of different products and customers, each with slightly different requirements. The name UNISEG, is an abbreviation of Universal Segregation, reflecting the wide range of different applications for the Container.

The UNISEG Container, is supported by significant global trends, with respect to safer and more environmentally sustainable storage and transport requirements and increased security needs (goods tracking). The Container has been provisionally patented in 33 countries.
David Bush, joined the UNISEG Products board in October 2013. Fenton and David are committed environmentalist and want to see the UNISEG Container make a valuable contribution to reducing OH&S risks and and reduce the impact on the environment caused by the unsafe and illegal transportation and storage of many dangerous goods. They have made a positive start establishing, Battery Rescue Australia (www.batteryrescue.com.au) , a company dedicated to developing a safer more environmentally sustainable used lead acid battery collection service in Perth, Western Australia

About Fenton Goddard – Founder & Managing Director



Born and educated in Perth, Western Australia, Fenton completed his trade certificate as an Automotive Electrical Fitter in 1970 and started the first of many businesses in 1973.Fenton owned and operated his first company, an automotive electrical component recycling company, for over twenty years and at the same time went on to found several other businesses. With a strong interest in workshop productivity improvement Fenton, designed, manufactured and commercialized several successful, new and unique products and business operating systems in the automotive industry.

Commercially successful inventions that Fenton has developed, include the Autoarc, a unique direct-current welding machine, Robowash an automatic industrial parts washing machine (robowash.com.au) and the Aquajet and Washpod (washpod.com.au) automatic parts washing systems. The companies were green field businesses that Fenton created, operated and continued to operate after his exit.

Public company experience was gained when he listed one of the companies on the ASX. His international experience includes selling products into the USA and European markets and significant manufacturing experience was gained when he established a manufacturing capability for his last project the Washpod product in Zhoushan, China.

Fenton has four approved patents to his name and all have been successfully commercialised. His latest provisionally patented product, the battery pallet and supporting business system capitalizes on his considerable experience in the automotive service and mining sectors.


About David Bush – Non Executive Director



David Bush, graduated in 1987 from Curtin University having completed a Bachelor in Science degree majoring in Geophysics and a Post Graduate Diploma, specializing in Oil Exploration. Upon graduating he was employed by Aerodata / World Geoscience, where he held several different roles in their airborne geophysical division, over a 3 year period.In 1991, David accepted a position with Guardian Data Seismic, a specialist in providing data management solutions for Oil and Gas Companies. During his employment with Guardian he mobilised and ran offices in Indonesia, Brunei and United Kingdom and was responsible for managing many aspects of the business at an international level. During his 8 years with Guardian, David assisted the company to expand from a single, 5-man operation to a company with 8 international offices, 100 employees and turnover exceeding $15M.

Following the acquisition of Guardian Data, by Veritas DGC, in 1999, he resigned the following year to pursue other career options. This culminated in him joining, ActionCOACH, a business coach franchisee. As a business coach, David has spent the past 12 years, working with SMEs to fix their business challenges, implement best business practices and grow their profits. He considers this 12 years, his business apprenticeship, where he has learnt the most important keys to creating a successful business.

In 2006, David co-founded with Kenneth Hart, the tour company Thirsty Swagman www.thirstyswagman.com , which offers a unique and exciting travel alternative to those that enjoy a good night out.

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