First shipment of BTS Containers headed for the US

Uniseg Products has shipped its first shipment of its Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Containers for the North American Market. The shipment of 80 BTS Containers are expected to be delivered to Import Logistics Chicago 3PL Warehouse, in early July.

Uniseg Products decided to supply the BTS Containers to the North American Market due to a steady stream of inquiries we were receiving from US and Canadian based companies.

Some of the Companies that have inquired into the BTS Container, include;

  • AAA Midatlantic
  • ABB
  • Canadian Defence Force
  • CAT Zielger
  • Cummins
  • General Motors
  • Grainger
  • Komatsune
  • MSC Industrial Supply
  • NMC Corp
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Rush Enterprises
  • Shell
  • US Coast Guard
  • Wesco Distributions

Demand for the containers is expected to be strong. Companies that would like to receive a quote can email Please indicated your delivery address so that freight costs can be included with your quote.

The BTS Container has been specifically designed for the safe and environmentally responsible storage and transportation of used lead acid batteries. It’s unique front load feature enables users to ergonomically load heavy batteries into the container. For this reason and its very robust construction we believe the BTS Container is the World’s safest plastic lead acid battery storage container available.

Erected Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Container - Front/Side View
BTS Container in Front Load Configuration for safe, ergonomic loading of heavy batteries

See our fact sheet on the US spent lead acid battery regulations, including storage, handling & transport requirements for waste car batteries / lead acid batteries.

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