Uniseg Launches Snap-Flat – the self-closing over centre latch

Uniseg Products has launched the 8mm version of its patented self-closing over centre latch, the Snap-Flat latch. The primary feature of the latch is a couple of springs that ensure the latch and handle remaining flat when disengaged and the latch remains engaged even when the latch is not secured in the over-centre position.

This delivers 2 compelling benefits, firstly eliminating the risk of personal injury and damage to the latch from accidental impact. And secondly it prevents the latch accidently disengaging, which can cause a safety issue in certain applications and / or result in the loss or damage to equipment.  

Photo showing Snap-Flat, self closing over-centre latch installed on a camper trailer.
Snap-Flat latch, with its self-closing feature, installed on a camper trailer

Uniseg developed the Snap-Flat latch when traditional over-centre latches used on their Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Containers were frequently being damaged.  Battery Rescue, Uniseg’s sister company, use the BTS Containers as part of its used lead acid battery collection service. Their fleet was upgraded in early 2019 to the early prototypes of the Snap-Flat latch and in this time not a single latch has been damaged, despite operating in harsh Western Australian mining environments.

Uniseg’s BTS Containers with traditional over-centre latch pictured left, which were frequently damaged and Snap-flat latch on the right.

The latch is well designed to deliver incredible strength with a breaking strain exceeding 1Tonne and is manufactured from 304 stainless steel, to minimise any corrosion.

The self-closing feature of the Snap-Flat latch forms the essence of the patent, which to date has been granted in Australia, South Africa, France, Germany, UK with grants imminent for China and the US. Patents are still pending for Canada, India, Japan & Malaysia.

Applications for the Snap-Flat latch include camper trailers, caravans, trucks, motor homes, utilities and tray backs. They also used in industrial applications for vehicle body manufacturing, containers, moulding tools, marine vessels, and mobile equipment.

Customers can buy the Snap-Flat latches directly from Uniseg Products or through our reseller network which we are in the process of establish distributors for.

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