Signage Options for Lead Acid Batteries

Every Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Container comes installed with a 25 x 25 cm – 3mm polyethylene Corrosive Diamond, installed on the container’s left and right hand panel. An example is pictured below.

Additional Signage Options

There is space for signage on the front and rear panels of the BTS Container. The areas available are:

  • 78 x 41cm for the front panel
  • 40 x 30cm for the rear panel

You may choose to make your own signage arrangements of we can supply fitted to the BTS Container. Details for both options are explained below;

We Supply & Install

We can supply a color vinyl print, with a UV laminate, laid down on 3mm Aluminum Composite (ACP) board. This is then fixed to the container using aluminum pop rivets (suitable for soft plastics).


The size of the sign we would recommend depends upon your intended application. The 2 scenarios and recommended sizes are outlined below:

Option 1 – For storage only or local transport (the most common)

If you are intending to use the BTS Container for storage only or for local transportation, then a smaller 60 x 30cm sized sign should be adequate. A sign such as the one depicted below, can be fitted to the BTS’ front panel, for Branding and DG / Hazardous Waste requirements.

Note if your logo is required you will need to supply a hi-res version in jpg, png or eps format.

60 x 30 cm signage example for BTS front panel

Pricing (excl gst) for 60 x 30cm Signage


Option 2 – For long distance travel using 3rd party transport providers

If you are intending to transport the BTS Containers, long distances using 3rd party transport providers, then consideration needs to be given as to whether & how you will attached a delivery address. The photo below shows one method that can be used to achieve this, however this requires a larger sign of 78 x 40cm to accommodate the clips and A4 laminated address card.

Note if your logo is required you will need to supply a hi-res version in jpg, png or eps format.

78 x 40 cm signage example for the BTS front panel

Pricing (excl gst) for 78 x 40cm Signage

SS Clips$10/each

DIY Signage

Alternatively you can arrange and install your own signage. For this we have a couple of important tips.

  • Vinyl prints / stickers can be applied directly to the container, however they do not stick very well to polyethylene plastic.
  • For this reason we recommend applying the vinyl print to some sort of board / substrate before attaching to the containers. Our preference is 3mm Aluminium Composite (ACP) board.
  • To attach the signs, the preferred method is pop rivets designed specifically for soft plastics such as the 4.8mm Orbulb Blind Rivet (part no BB48205D) or stainless 10G 13mm Pan head self tapping screws (no quite as secure).
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