Patent Granted in Europe, China & USA for Snap-Flat Latch

Photo of Snap-Flat latch in engaged position

Patent applications for the Snap-Flat latch, PCT Publication Number WO2016/070235, have been granted in the following countries;

  • France, Germany & the UK – Patent number 3215430.
  • USA – Patent Number 10,940,976
  • China –  Patent ZL 2015 8 0060162.7

Patents have been previously granted for the Snap-Flat latch in Australia and South Africa with applications in progress for Canada, India and Japan.

The main feature of the patent’s claims are the 2 springs that ensure that the latch ‘Snaps’ back, into the flat position, when disengaged and that the latch won’t accidently decouple from the hook even if the latch is not secured into the over-centre position.

The Snap-Flat latch is a critical component used in the manufacture of the Uniseg Container. Previously, conventional latches were repeatedly being damaged while disengaged. The ‘Snap Flat’ feature eliminated this problem.

For further details regarding the Snap-Flat latch see

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