Dangerous Goods Segregation Device

Dangerous Good Segregation Box

Dangerous Goods Segregation Box / Container

Centurion Transport Review for UNISEG's DGS ContainerUNISEG’s Dangerous Goods Segregation Box / Container is certified as a type II Dangerous Goods Segregation Device for the segregation of incompatible dangerous goods during transport and storage.  The DGS Container is ideally suited for the safe manual loading and unloading of smaller packages due to it’s unique and patented front load configuration. Larger, heavier items  can be palletised using a custom drop in pallet.

The Container is manufactured using low density polyethylene (LDPE), which is UV Resistant and acid proof. The use of LDPE and 304 stainless steel hardware components makes UNISEG’s DGS Container a durable segregation box, that doesn’t corrode, scratch or dent easily and hence requires little ongoing maintenance.

The DGS Container / Segregation Box is collapsible when empty and can be stacked 4 high for efficient reverse logistics. It is secured by 6 self-closing, lockable, over-centre latches (Snap-Flat) and includes multiple signage options including fixed and interchangeable versions for DG Diamonds, Company branding and shipping address labels.

The unit also features a 25L capacity bunded base to capture any liquids in the segregation box and an enclosure for housing optional IoT devices.

Unlike traditional steel segregation boxes, UNISEG’s DGS Container doesn’t accommodate a standard Australian wood pallet or IBC, however its significantly lower cost, convenience of use and other benefits is making it an ideal option for many other dangerous goods segregation applications. A custom sized wood pallet can also be supplied for palletisation of heavier items.

Benefits as a DG Segregation Box




DG Segregation Box front load



Dangerous Goods Segregation Box / Container Specifications

Note: The DGS Container will not accomodate a standard Australian sized pallet (1165x1165mm) or IBC. A custom sized wood pallet 955W x 820D x 150H mm can be supplied.

UNISEG’s Dangerous Goods Segregation Box / Device was approved by the WA Department of Mines, as a Type II Dangerous Goods Segregation Device, on July 1st 2015 (ADG Approval Number W008).


Download Dangerous Goods Segregation device brochure


Optional Features for the DGS Container / Segregation Box


  • Signage is not included with the DGS Container however a price can be provided upon request.
  • Options include fixed and interchangeable signage for DG Diamonds (left and right hand panels), Company branding and shipping address labels (front & rear panels).
  • For further details regarding the signage options for the DGS Container, go to Signage & Branding Options.

Container’s Colours

  • The standard Container’s colour is all black.  For further details regarding alternative colour options for the DGS Container see Signage & Branding Options.

Custom Sized Wood Pallet

  • A custom sized wood pallet 955W x 820D x 150H mm can be supplied, for palletised loads. Price on application.
  • See video demonstrating drop in pallet being forklifted into and out of the DGS Container.

Internet of Things  (IoT)Device



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