Battery Container Auto Unloading Trial

Shows use of forklift and cage to enable auto unloading of batteries from BTS Container

Auto Unloading Used Batteries Using BTS Container

UNISEG Products has successfully trialed its BTS Container Cage to enable the automatic unloading of used lead acid batteries from a BTS Container using a rotating forklift. The cage helped reduce any strain and protected the BTS Container during the rotation of the forklift arms to unload the batteries.

This trial is a prelude to a trial Uniseg Products and its sister company Battery Rescue, are scheduled to conduct with an Australian Battery Recycler, next month. The trial will use the battery cage to unload batteries from the BTS Container onto the Recycler’s conveyor belt and eliminate the current method of manually unloading batteries from wood pallets.

Successful completion of this trial will move Uniseg Products closer to their vision of eliminating any manual & double handling of used lead acid batteries from their source through to the Battery Recycler. It will also provide a much safer method of storing and transporting used batteries with reduced environmental impact than that delivered by wood pallets.


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