Approval As Dangerous Goods Segregation Device

The UNISEG Pallet / Container has been approved (approval number W008) as a type II Dangerous Goods Segregation Device, by the Western Australian Dept Of Mines and Petroleum in line with the current “Australian Code For The Transport Of Dangerous Goods By Road & Rail” (edition 7.3).  David Bush, General Manager for UNISEG, said that “As a type II Segregation Device the UNISEG Pallet can be used to separate dangerous goods from packing groups II or III from other incompatible goods” and that “Uniseg also plan to have the pallet certified as a Type 11 Combination IBC, that will enable the storage and transportation of solid dangerous goods of packing groups II and III. This would include dangerous goods such as medical and clinical waste, and dry cell batteries”.

As a type II dangerous goods segregration device the UNISEG Pallet offers many benefits compared to Steel Dangerous Goods Segregation Boxes, currently used by the Australian transport industry. These include;

1. Collapsible and can be stacked 5 high when empty, for efficient reverse logistics. Also weighs half the weight.

2. Double stackable when full and 2 units will fit across most trucks / semis, for efficient logistics.

3. Less maintenance as it doesn’t corrode and doesn’t scratch or dent as readily as steel.

4. Easy to repair, if damaged, by replacing entire panel(s).

5. Non Corrosive, weather resistant due to Polyethylene construction.

6. More easily washed and cleaned.

7. Comes with bunded base to capture up to 25 litres of liquids.

8. Easier and safer to hand load items in and out of the pallet. Can be reconfigured into front or top loading configurations within 10 seconds.


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